TaMU is a service provided by UMMC that enables patient to review their investigation results via scheduled phone calls.


1) A centralized and systematic way to ensure that patients get their investigations results confidentially.

2) Reduce patient's hospital attendance during Movement Control Order.

3) This service is offered at no additional cost.


1)    Go to our website : www.ummc.edu.my

2)    Click on the "Single Sign On" .

3)    Log into SSO account or Sign Up for first time .

  3.1)     Log into SSO account using your SSO ID and SSO password. (Login Self Check-in)

  3.2)     "Sign Up" for SSO account registration .

*** Please register your mobile phone number for Self Checkin confirmation SMS .
  3.3)     Verification email will be sent to your email account . Please click the link given in your email to activate SSO account .

4)   Click "My Health" to access your MyHealth account

  4.1)     Select patients in the list displayed

  4.2)     After select patient, go to "More" to view other options.

  4.3)     Click on the "Request Telehealth" in the option list

5)    Telehealth .
  5.1)   Telehealth page will be appeared
    5.1.1)    Or click "View List Telehealth" to view your telehealth's list

  5.2)   Fill up booking telehealth's form as below

  5.3)   Choose your desired session/slot

  5.4)   Tick all the checkboxes and click "Save"

  5.4)   Confirmation page will be appeared and click "OK" to proceed

  5.4)   Your selected session will be displayed as below



    Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya,
    Lembah Pantai, 59100,
    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


    Email : ummc@ummc.edu.my


    Phone No : 03-79494422
    Fax : 03-79492030


    WEBSITE : www.ummc.edu.my