Self Check-in


Self Check-in Apps is a service provided specifically for patient with clinic appointment to obtain queue number and allow patient to make registration payment online.


1) To shorten appointment registration process without hassle of waiting and long queue at the clinic .

2) To decrease traffic congestion and parking density

3) To obtain earlier Queue Number according to your appointment time .


1)    Go to our website :

2)    Click on the "Single Sign On" .

3)    Log into SSO account or Sign Up for first time .

  3.1)     Log into SSO account using your SSO ID and SSO password. (Login Self Check-in)

  3.2)     "Sign Up" for SSO account registration .

*** Please register your mobile phone number for Self Checkin confirmation SMS .
  3.3)     Verification email will be sent to your email account . Please click the link given in your email to activate SSO account .

4)   Click "My Health" to access your MyHealth account

  4.1)     Select patients in the list displayed

  4.2)     Your appointment list will be displayed
           ( if there is no list appeared, your appointment might be under overbooking appointment ) .
    4.2.1)     Click on the icon for self checkin process.

5)    Online registration payment .
  5.1)     Please proceed to online registration payment via FPX or Credit Card.

            ** Please click "Continue with transaction" to complete your payment process.

  5.2)     Or obtain queue number directly for disabled patient, PPUM staff or government staff.

6)    Queue number will be displayed accordingly. Self Checkin confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered phone number as well .

7)    On your appointment date, drop your blue card in the basket provided at the Clinic Counter.

8)    Wait for your Queue Number to be called

Login To Check-In :-


•     Self Checkin only available between 48 HOURS UP TO HALF AN HOUR before appointment time.

•     This service applicable for patient with CLINIC APPOINTMENT only.

•     Patients who have valid and active MOBILE PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS which has been registered with PPUM .

•     Patients with this category :- DISABLED, WELFARE, GOVERNMENT STAFF, INSURANCE are MUST bring along the documents for confirmation

•     Failure to produce valid documents , patients will be charged as a PUBLIC PATIENT .

•     THE PENALTY OF RM2 will be auto charged for patient who not implement their online Self Checkin. ( except for valid reason.)

•     Self Checkin patients are advised to be in PPUM 30 MINUTES BEFORE appointment time .

•     Appointment will be RESCHEDULED if self checkin patients FAILED TO ATTEND within their appointment's slot.    ( except for valid reason.)


Log into SSO Account through PPUM website .

Check your appointment

Confirm your appointment and proceed to registration payment .

Quene Number SMS and email reception


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